Since 2006 Zest4Kidz have been partnering with local Ugandan organizations to bring light into the lives of former child soldiers and children with disabilities. Partnerships with local schools, hospitals and charities are essential to ensure that the work we are investing in is both effective and strategic.




Former Child Soldiers

The Lord’s Resistance Army is responsible for abducting over 20,000 children to be used as soldiers and child-brides. Children as young as 7 years were forced to commit atrocities. Since the war ended, these children have slowly wandered back from the bush, excommunicated from their homes for the things they have done. Their childhoods are stolen, their families are often unforgiving if alive, and their communities reject them. What are these forgotten children to do?

In our work with former child-soldiers, Zest4Kidz has provided counseling, training to Ugandan counselors, summer fun camps, vocational training, and community development schemes. Our goal is to help these war- affected children make positive transitions back into their communities and villages.

Children With Disabilities

Another forgotten group of children in Uganda are those who suffer from disabilities. Often seen as cursed in their communities, Zest4Kidz has joined the mission to see these children receive medical aid and education.

In January 2012 we will celebrate the opening of our first disability home to help children recovering from surgery as well as to provide education and training for children learning to live life to the full.

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