Want to make a difference? Want to take on a challenge?

Fundraising should be a fun experience. Below we’ll give you information, inspiration, resources and tips to ensure your fundraising experience is a good one.


What Can I Fundraise for?

Zest4Kidz works with children in Belarus, India & Uganda. Why not join one of our campaigns, or fundraise for children in a specific country? Your help is greatly appreciated. You can also fundraise for your Zest4Kidz trip.


Tips for fundraising:

(1) Set a goal and a timeline.

(2) Tell people where the money will go. 

(3) Use video to mobilize (youtube or vimeo)

(4) Don’t just encourage people to donate, encourage them to fundraise. 


Fundraising Services:

iDonate.ie allows you to raise funds for a specific project, cause or trip. It’s easy to share with your friends on social networks and allows you to keep track of how much you’ve raised. iDonate charges 3% of every donation made to cover credit card and admin costs.

Sponsor.ie is another service that also allows you to raise funds for specific project, cause or trip. They have made it very easy to share your progress across social networks as well as allowing you to keep track of how much you’ve raised. Sponsor.ie charges 4% of every donation made to cover credit card and admin costs.

Skydive4Charity allows you to get sponsored when you skydive for Zest4Kidz. We ask that you raise a minimum of €500 (the cost of the jump is €275) but most people end up raising much more.

Fundraising Ideas:

In no way is the list below meant to be exhaustive. It’s just some ideas to help get the creative juices flowing. Make your fundraising event YOURS. Get creative and it will be a lot more fun.

Organize a pet-walk for slum kids in India


See how far you can cycle for former child soldiers in Uganda


Run (or walk) a race (Check out www.runireland.com)


Break a Guinness World Record (a 24hr game of hockey anyone?)


Host a rubber duck race in a river (people purchase a numbered duck)




Host a coffee morning at your business


Make cookie dough and sell it


Have your sports club play a sponsored match


Get fit! Set up a 30 min. fitness workout at your office and charge a small fee


Have a no-uniform day at your school or a casual Monday at your place of work


Secure promises of people’s time, labour & talents and auction them off to the highest bidder


Organize a pub quiz


Set up a Wii sports tournament at your office, youth club, church or among friends


Organize a bollywood night to help children in India


Set up a Come Dine With Me event (you could serve Belarusian, Ugandan and/or Indian cuisine)


Host a bake sale


Host a clothes swap event


Movies in! Instead of spending €10 at the cinema, gather your friends, pop up the popcorn and you’re set


Compile a recipe book at your work colleagues, church members or club and sell the book