“To win a tough fight you need a good team in your corner. Join me in the fight against injustice! Get your business in Zest4Kidz’ corner and help children around the world” – Katie Taylor (Olympic Gold Medalist 2012)

Connecting your business with a charitable project in the developing world has never been easier. Donations from Zest4Kidz Business Partners allow for 100% of public funding to go straight to their intended projects. That’s an amazing return on your investment. We are extremely thankful for each one of our Zest4Kidz Business Partners.


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How It Works:

Zest4Kidz is an Irish Children’s Charity helping children in desperate circumstances around the world. Zest4Kidz Business Partners are companies who have chosen to make a difference in the lives of these children. Our partners know the value of a good investment. This partnership is a chance for your company to highlight its social responsibility to the public. As a Zest4Kidz Business Partner you will receive positive PR, free promotion, and have a chance to tell a story that is truly changing lives.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Enhance your corporate reputation
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Demonstrate your commitment to being socially responsible
  • Build employee engagement
  • Create a family feel-good environment that will help you retain employees

100% Model

Here’s our crazy idea: Always use 100% of public donations to help children in need. We depend on Zest4Kidz Business Partners to cover our running costs. This is a fact that we let the public know time and time again. The public feel good knowing 100% of their money is going to its intended project and at the same time they feel good about those businesses who are making their 100% donation possible. Our Zest4Kidz Business Partners are dedicated to our mission – Fight Injustice: Love as Family: Empower Children – but they’re also committed to our 100% model.


Choose Your Membership Package:


Bronze Package: €600 per year (€50/month)

  • Free advertising on Z4K Facebook & website
  • Certificate of Partnership
  • Signed Katie Taylor Book

Silver Package: €1,200 per year (€100/month)

  • Free advertising on Z4K Facebook, website & literature
  • Certificate of partnership
  • Use of Z4K logo on your website/blog/Facebook
  • Up to 2 People on a Z4K trip (fundraised)
  • Signed Katie Taylor Singlet

Gold Package: €2,400 per year (€200/month)

  • Free advertising on Z4K Facebook, website, literature & video
  • Certificate of Partnership
  • Use of Z4K logo on your website/blog/Facebook & print media
  • Up to 10 People on a Z4K trip (fundraised)
  • Free team building 1/2 day seminar creating an atmosphere of contribution and excitement about what your business is doing to help vulnerable children
  • Signed Katie Taylor Boxing Gloves


Sign Up!

To sign up simply choose your package:





Email businesspartners@zest4kidz.com or call 01 296-5450 with any questions.


Please be sure to read through our guidelines. Thank you for choosing to partner with Zest4Kidz to help children in desperate circumstances.

Zest4Kidz is a registered Irish charity CHY 17374.