The vision of Zest4Kidz is, “To live in a world where every child knows they are loved.”
The mission of Zest4Kidz is “Fight Injustice. Love As Family. Empower Children.”

Zest4Kidz is an Irish-based Christian charity with a passion for helping children in desperate circumstances. We exist to let kids around the world know they are cared for and loved by meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs in sustainable ways. The charity was founded by Stuart & Magi Wilson with the intent of being a tangible expression of God’s love for children, a mission that remains at the very core of what Zest4Kidz is. How we express that love includes running camps for children, training counselors, supporting educational projects, and meeting medical needs.

Zest4Kidz is a volunteer-run charity uniting passionate individuals with a vision to see every child loved. We realize that we’re part of a vision that is much bigger than ourselves. It is only in partnership with others that we’ll be successful. At the core of Zest4Kidz is a management team, dedicated to seeing the mission of Zest4Kidz through. We’re like family.


Fight Injustice. Love as Family. Empower Children.


Fight Injustice:

We don’t want to simply hand out charity but  rather be an organization that fights for children suffering injustices. Zest4Kidz was founded because Stuart & Magi Wilson simply couldn’t stand to see children suffer. Fighting injustices is part of the Zest4Kidz DNA. It is what motivates us to help children in need.

Love as Family:

When children come into the care of Zest4Kidz they don’t simply receive charity, they are welcomed into the Zest4Kidz family. To put it simply, they are loved. We mean a few things when we say “Love as Family”:

  1. The word “family” implies relationship. We care for the children, for their physical health, their psychological health and their spiritual health just as you would for your own children.
  2. The word “family” also implies proximity. Our trips to meet these kids, to give them hugs and to invest in their lives are a huge part of the Zest4Kidz family life. So while it is true that we have many children in many countries in the Zest4Kidz family, it is also true that we have many in Ireland who are a part of the Zest4Kidz family, having been moved to care for these children.
  3. The word “family” implies growth. We want to care for more and more children. To grow means we will also need in-country partners who are passionate about helping children in desperate circumstances. By partnering with local organizations and people, we build-in sustainability.

Empower Children:

We firmly believe that the solutions to these injustices against children are the children themselves. While they are vulnerable they must be protected but as they grow it is essential that they be given the training and vision to become the answer to the injustices afflicting them.


“The Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted , to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners”. ISAIAH 61: 1-2.