Zest4Kidz was founded on the idea that you don’t have to be big to make a big difference.

Not everyone who wants to give is able to give financially….But maybe you have a talent or a resource you’d like to donate.

Perhaps you’re talented at graphic design/animation/photography/video production.

Maybe you’re an artist/musician/writer and you’d like to donate art/music/writing to help us promote campaigns or raise funds.

Maybe you have experience in grantwriting, in accounting, in giving legal advice.

Maybe you have time to help us organize collection days and/or communicate with schools, churches & shops.

Maybe you have time to donate at our office in Churchtown, Dublin.

Maybe you have experience as a barista and could help man our coffee shop (opening Spring 2013)!

Maybe your background is in public relations & communications.

Maybe you’re part of a sports team that would be interested in raising awareness of Zest4Kidz.

Maybe you’re a talented cook and could help us in catering events.

Maybe you make balloon animals or paint faces.

Whoever you are and whatever your talent is, it only takes a little imagination to discover how you can use it to benefit children in need. Email Matt@Zest4Kidz.com today!