Upcoming Trips

Note: Our next trip to Belarus TBC, all enquiries should go to Stuart@zest4kidz.com

We hope you can join us on an upcoming trip to Belarus. We believe it will be a blessing for both the children you work with and for you yourself.

Trips to Belarus cost €1,900. This cost includes all the basics like your flights, transport, accommodation & food. It also covers administration costs and the cost of running the camp allowing us to provide the camps free for all the children attending.

Next trip dates are to be confirmed.

If you would like to be informed of upcoming trips to Belarus, please fill in your details at the side of the screen and let us know!

To apply for an upcoming trip to Belarus please return the following forms to us:

A completed application form, a completed Garda vetting form, a signed copy of the Zest4Kidz Child Protection Policy and a signed copy of the “About the Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages” document. These are all available here:

Trip Application Form

Garva Vetting Form

Zest4Kidz Child Protection Policy

About the Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages

Download the Zest4Kidz Belarus Brochure

For more information on trips please contact stuart@zest4kidz.com

Stories from Belarus

Teams working in Belarus will partner with orphanages and children’s prisons to run arts & crafts camps, sports camps, & educational training. Ensuring the children have  proper counseling & mentoring is a key component of any Zest4Kidz camp. These camps help us build and maintain relationships with the children in the hopes that they will enter our Zest4Kidz Mentoring Program.

Leanna’s Story

“Leanna was left in a pawn brokers in exchange for alcohol by her mother at age 4. She cried evry night waking saying no one loved her or cared for her. She wet the bed and suffered from depression. At age 7 I visited her spent about 4 hours with her and told her I loved her, I explained how God loves her and even though she might feel lonely God would always love her and would never leave her. Two days later we heard Leanna was waking but not wetting the bed, she told the director of the orphanage that she was OK “Because a man came here yesterday and told me he loved me, he hugged and me and said God loves me and will never leave me alone.” Leanna changed the orphange she lived in by reassuring all the other boys and girls in the same way.”

Stuart Wilson (Founder Zest4Kidz)