Zest4Kidz has firm guidelines in place protecting our brand, logo and intellectual property. We appreciate the full cooperation of our Zest4Kidz Business Partners to help enforce these guidelines.

Zest4Kidz Business Partners

Zest4Kidz is grateful to all of the great companies who donate to our organization. The generosity of many companies has fueled our success. If you would like to become a Zest4Kidz Business Partner, please contact us at matt@zest4kidz.

What Constitutes a Partnership?

Zest4Kidz enters into official partnerships with companies who have an established brand and a strong commitment to our mission and 100% model. A corporate partnership with Zest4Kidz represents a monthly or yearly financial contribution for a minimum of one year. To honor our Zest4Kidz Business Partnerships, we ask that all other companies and individuals please refrain from using any language containing the words “partner” or “partnership” when referring to their support of Zest4Kidz.

Using the Zest4Kidz Name

The Zest4Kidz name may be used only to describe where donated funds are designated, but may not be used to promote any product or service. Furthermore, the Zest4Kidz name may not be placed on any products or product packaging. Please do not place the Zest4Kidz name in greater prominence than the company benefiting Zest4Kidz on any promotional materials or websites.

The Zest4Kidz name is one word and always finishes with the letter “Z”.

Use of Zest4Kidz Logo

The use of the Zest4Kidz logo is strictly limited to official Zest4Kidz Business Partners. The logo should never appear more prominent than the logo of the company benefiting Zest4Kidz. Should the partnership between Zest4Kidz and a Zest4Kidz Business Partner come to an end, we ask that use of our logo be suspended within 30 days.

Use of Zest4Kidz Images

In accordance with our child protection policy, the use of Zest4Kidz images, especially those including children is strictly limited to official Zest4Kidz Business Partners. Each Zest4Kidz Business Partner will receive a pack of images and media to use on their website, video & literature in accordance with their chosen membership package.

Appropriated Use

Zest4Kidz reserves the right to decline sponsorship from any company or group whose products, services or activities, in the view of the Board, have a negative impact on the well-being of children or are incompatible with the Mission and Vision of Zest4Kidz. Application of this guideline would exclude, for example, sponsorship from manufacturers and/or distributors of weapons, alcohol and tobacco products and certain products and services deemed to be inappropriate for use by children.


Zest4Kidz reserves the right to refuse the use of the Zest4Kidz name or marks at any time.