Belarus has never fully recovered from the Chernobyl explosion in 1986 and as a result is faced with high rates of single-parenting, alcoholism & drug abuse. Since 2006 Zest4Kidz has been partnering with Belarusian orphanages and the state prison system to bring light into the lives of forgotten children, the unfortunate casualties of such statistics.




Zest4Kidz is privileged to partner with the speech orphanage for children. Every year we provide much needed clothing and funding but the gift that brings them the most joy is our Christmas stockings. For most, it is the only present they receive at Christmas.

Child Prisoners

Zest4Kidz also works with girls aged 11-19 in the state prison system. Most of these girls are incarcerated for minor crimes such as stealing food to survive and most serve 4-year terms. Can you imagine an 11 year old serving a term in prison for 4 years only to be released at the age of 15. And once she is released what hope does she have? How can she suceed without support?

On a recent visit to the prison we discovered that there had been only only 10 visits from outsiders that year! Most of these girls don’t have families that care to visit them or love them. We gave one girl her very first birthday celebration at the age of 15. It was beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Zest4Kidz also helps them through regular visits, the running of camps and most recently through the establishing of our mentoring program. Our aim is to see these young adults live full and healthy lives once they are released from prison and to guide them away from the choices that put them in prison.

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