“We celebrated as we sent Enock back to school.”

We met 9 year old Enock in early 2011 about 8 months after he’d been removed from school due to severe swelling of his face, abdomen and legs. His parents had struggled to get him to free local clinics but every doctor had sent Enock away, claiming there was nothing they could do. From September 2010-February 2011 Enock’s swelling grew worse.

He was receiving no treatment.

He didn’t even have a diagnosis.

Once in Zest4Kidz care, Enock was immediately admitted to hospital and was diagnosed with a treatable kidney disorder. Many Zest4Kidz supporters helped pay for Enock’s medical expenses and care and in September celebrated with us as we sent Enock back to school for the very first time in over 15 months!

But there are many more children like Enock out there who need our help. That is why we are excited to announce the Enock Challenge.

It only cost Zest4Kidz €413.43 to provide Enock with the medical care he needed for seven months! That’s one life changed…forever.

The Challenge

February is the month of love. Why not show love to children in Uganda who desperately need help. Change the life of another Enock by fundraising €413.43 by 29th Feb. 2011.

How? Bike, swim, bagpack, race, host a coffee morning, host a bake sale. Get creative. All we ask is that you share Enock’s story in the process. A great tool to us is sponsor.ie where you can promote the Enock Challenge and allow others to give on your behalf.

Help us bring hope to Ugandan children. Sign up by sending an email to info@zest4kidz.com