Zest4Kidz began 2011 with a new mission statement: Fight Injustice. Love as Family. Empower Kids.


We saw this mission being fulfilled in Susan, a 13 year old orphan from a small village in Uganda. Susan suffered life-threatening burns on her legs at the young age of five which left her covered in scar tissue and a malformed foot. Worst of all, because scar tissue is brittle, her wounds never fully healed. When we met Susan, she had been living with an open wound for eight years. Often she wasn’t able to make the walk to school because the pain was so bad. Zest4Kidz acted quickly to ensure Susan received the best medical surgery available. We were informed last month that Susan was released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

It’s not right that children should suffer for eight years when treatment is available. Love is the only answer. Now Susan is free to live a full life, attending school and one day soon maybe even play football!

That’s what we mean when we say Fight Injustice. Love as Family. Empower Kids.


Matthew Kingsley
Operations Manager