Zest4Kidz has been working with Irene since April 2011. At 4 years Irene suffered from a bone infection which fused her left hip and shortened her left leg. When we met her she limped and walked with the aid of a walking stick. Her left leg was weak and could not bear much weight. She ran, squatted, walked and stood all with a lot of pain and difficulty.

“I walk to school every day. It’s very far from home and my legs are always paining,” narrated Irene. Despite her condition she walked 1Km to and from school. She lives with her grandmother because both of her parents abandoned her when she became disabled.

Irene had her first surgery in the summer 2011 and her second surgery in early 2012. She is currently in Zest4Kidz care where we continue to love her like our own.

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