Jacinta Carty is an amazing character. She is full of stories, laughter and is always up for an adventure. What’s more she has a huge passion for helping children, having attended Zest4Kidz trips to Belarus. So for her 60th birthday she did the only sensible thing and decided to throw herself out of a perfectly good airplane to raise funds for Zest4Kidz.

At the end of April Jacinta will be celebrating with a jump and we hope that you’ll get behind her.

If you would like to support Jacinta in her skydiving adventure please visit our donation page and write “Jacinta” in the donation notes.

Here’s a short radio Interview Jacinta did on Newstalk.

Jacinta on Newstalk


If you would like more information on how you too could skydive for Zest4Kidz, please visit www.Skydive4Charity.ie