We met Nastya (age 15) in a children’s prison in Belarus. She, like most of the girls there, was serving a four year scentence for a very minor crime mainly due to family problems which had her missing school. On the last day of our recent trip in July she handed Stuy Wilson, Zest4Kidz founder, this note:

” Hi Stuy,

Our last day is here and I like so much this camp. I wish you a happy life because I think you deserve all the best in your life. I am really impressed how much love you have in your heart for every single girl and for me. Your organization Zest4Kidz made a great impact on my life. Thanks to you and this camp I realized many things and I make a decision to change my life. I will be looking forward to your letters and to the next trips and camps. Thanks to you I understand that having faith is that thing that helps you to reach all you need in life and `I will follow your example in my life”.

” I wish that all your love and kindness shown to me will go back to you three times more. Thanks a lot again for all you’ve done for us. I’ll do my best to come to the next trip with Zest4Kidz. I will always remember you with love”.


Love Nastya