We are excited to launch our Zesty Legends program today!

Here’s why…

“Last April Stuy and myself sat down for a frank chat over coffee. We looked back at what Zest4Kidz had achieved in its short 6 years of existence. We recounted amazing trips to work with orphans in Georgia, Albania & Belarus, sex slaves and slum kids in India, as well as with child soldiers and AIDS orphans in Uganda. Stuy shared some mad stories of walking into a boys prison in Belarus, prepared to run a camp for 100 lads, only to find 400 young men staring at him behind the rusty prison gates! Or the time their bus was stopped by rebel soldiers in Uganda and Stuy slept through the whole ordeal! Mad stuff! We also started to count the number of young lives that Zest4Kidz has had the privilege of changing and the result was staggering: over 6,500!

Stuy & I then took some time to dream about the future and what Zest4Kidz could become. We dreamt about opening new schools in India, new disability homes in Uganda and a family home and mentoring program in Belarus. We dreamt about a poultry & piggery farm in Uganda to finance learning programs and about partnerships between primary schools in Ireland and India. We dreamt about new housing for former child soldiers and for a thriving rehabilitation center in Uganda.


And then Stuy and I stopped dreaming, set down our coffees, looked each other in the eye and committed to making these dreams come true.


We knew right away that these dreams were bigger than us, that it would take a team of impassioned individuals to achieve so much.

It was out of this need that Zesty Legends was birthed.

Zesty Legends is an exclusive club for those who connect with the heart of Zest4Kidz. They are the individuals who hear these dreams and know they want to be a part of seeing them become reality. It’s only through their passion, their creativity and their generosity that we’ll be able to grow and change more lives.

So I’m asking you to consider joining your heart with the heart of Zest4Kidz and to become a Zesty Legend today.”

Matthew Kingsley

Operations Manager





1. Personal Connections – beyond our Facebook fan page is an additional Zesty Legends page with exclusive video content for our members. You will be able to interact with our staff in Belarus and Uganda and view video reports directly from the field!

2. Input – have an amazing idea which would help us reach even more kids? We want to hear it. As a Zesty Legend you’ll have the direct ear of our staff! We can’t wait to meet you. What’s more you’ll be invited to our yearly direction meeting where we’ll share our ideas for the future of Zest4Kidz and where you can share yours.

3. Trips – as a Zesty Legend you will have first option to go on any of our Zest4Kidz trips and to see first-hand the work you’re helping to accomplish.

4. A Gift – as a symbol of our thanks and partnership we will pass along a handmade gift from the kids you are helping.


We are asking that all of our Zesty Legends give a minimum of €22 per month via standing order. €22 is the minimum amount that we can claim tax-back on.



1. Download & fill out the Standing Order Form

2. Mail it in to us at 21 The Court, Cruagh Manor, Stepaside, Dublin 18

That’s it, we’ll take it from there and will be in contact with you.